Vintage Market Days Update!

So it’s been about a week now since my last post about preparing for my first Flea Market show – Vintage Market Days Charleston. I feel like I’ve made lots of progress this past week then but with only 4 weeks til the event, it still feels like I’ve barely scratched the surface!

Last weekend, I met with the other ladies in my group to plan our space – we met Elgin SC at the home of my fellow artisan Tiffanie – she has such a beautiful home and had an awesome spread of treats for us – she’s such a gracious hostess!

After our meeting Tiff, took us to some local antique and thrift shops – Elgin is a small town but there was some wonderful inspiration to be found – it was great to see some vintage consignment booths so we could get ideas for setting up our own booth at the show.  My favorite was Ivy House Antiques in Columbia, SC.  Lots of great booths there!

So this past week I’ve been working on several projects for the show. Namely two chairs and trying to finish my map table which was inspired by my recent trip to the Anthropologie store in Downtown Charleston which you can read about here. I’m making progress on all three of these projects but it’s definitely taking longer than I anticipated.

I had some issues adding the map to the top of my table – I had to decoupage it and the map was pretty large. Needless to say it didn’t come out as smooth as I had hoped but I think I can make it work. It was super scary to go forward with the decoupage because I spent so much time already working on this piece but I knew adding the map would take it to the next level so I had to just go for it!

As for the chairs, what seemed like should be quick and easy projects, definitely presented some challenges. Namely a mahogany chair that I decided to paint white. I had lots of issues with the stain bleeding through which I kind of knew was a potential problem before I started the project but sometimes I forget to listen to that little voice in my head and go ahead with the project anyway. Needless to say – lesson learned – listen to the little voice! I’ll go into more detail about the do’s and dont’s when painting furniture white in a future post – lots of good info to share!

The other thing I’ve been working on are my business cards, which I’ve been meaning to redo since closing my brick and mortar shop. Preparing for the show was the perfect opportunity for a redesign! I typically use Canva to design my marketing materials – I love their graphics and it’s pretty easy to use if you’re comfortable working on the computer. If you haven’t tried Canva you should definitely give it a try!

Here’s my redesign – I’m pretty happy with how they turned out – I wanted a vintage modern vibe because that’s what I’m all about usually in my furniture redo’s – taking something old and giving it a more modern feel. I decided to do a vertical design so that my business cards could double as product tags for the show. So my contact info is on back bottom half of the card leaving the top area open for writing item descriptions and prices.

Well that’s it for now – I hope to add the finishing touches to the three projects I’ve been working on this week and show them to you in my next update post. In the meantime, if you’re local, I hope you’ll consider checking out Vintage Market Days Charleston April 7 – 9th.  You can read more about the event here.

Happy Creating!


Vintage Market Days Charleston!

Mixed Charm will be at Vintage Market Days Charleston – April 7th – 9th!!  

“Vintage Market Days® is an upscale vintage-inspired indoor/outdoor market featuring original art, antiques, clothing, jewelry, handmade treasures, home décor, outdoor furnishings, consumable yummies, seasonal plantings and a little more.”  

I’m so excited/nervous/frazzled about participating in my first craft show in just five short weeks!!

Wow just writing that – scared the heck out of me!! But thankfully I won’t have to brave it alone! I’ll be sharing a large booth with some of my fellow creatives and we’ll be there proudly representing The Artisan Markets of South Carolina.  There’s 8 of us in all – representing various parts of the state.

The Artisan Markets is an extension of a Facebook group I belong to for furniture artists who want to take their business to the next level!  I love being a part of a community that supports what I do – working from home gets lonely sometimes – and I’ve met some great women who are a constant source of inspiration  and support!

So we’re all taking the plunge together – for most of us it will be our first time doing a show – so it should be quite the experience.  Having previously owned a shop, I kind of have some ideas about merchandising and displays but aside from that it’s a big learning curve for sure!

But hey I’ve survived Breast Cancer – I can survive this right?! What wait – you didn’t know I was a Survivor?!  Cue the Destiny’s Child track as I do my Pink Warrior Dance!!

Oh sorry, I got a little side tracked there which happens  A LOT.  I don’t really talk about the ‘Big C’ much but I’m sure there’ll be some posts about that in the future.

So back to Vintage Market Days!!! Yes so excited!! I still have lots to do before the event.  I’ll do my best to post my progress between now and then but for now here’s a peak at the Pinterest Board I’ve started for inspiration for our group.

You can purchase tickets to the event on their website here.  Disclaimer: Mixed Charm and The Artisan Markets of Charleston do not make any money from ticket sales to the event.

If you’ve done a show before – I’d love to hear about your experience and any helpful hints you have to share!  If you’re interested in learning more about The Artisan Markets be sure to check out their website here.

Well, time for me to get to work!

Happy Creating!



Farmhouse Paint Bedroom Set

I recently had the chance to try out Farmhouse Paint products for the first time on this sweet twin bedroom set. 

I’m always excited when I get to try out new paints and techniques.  I currently don’t have one specific brand that’s my go to and what I’ve mostly found is that certain brand and paint types work better than others depending on the project, which I’ll talk more about on future post.  🙂

So back to my latest project which consists of a twin size tufted headboard; a sweet 2 drawer dresser and a nightstand.

I accumulated all three pieces at different times so they’re not made from the same manufacturer but that’s part of what makes painting furniture fun!  You can make pieces your own and give them a unifying look with paint!

I have to be honest – these pieces have been with me for a while – for some reason they weren’t ‘speaking to me’ as most pieces usually do when I’m starting a new project.  Enter Farmhouse Paint (FP) – a fellow furniture painter of mine and FP retailer was gracious enough to offer me a sample to try out.  

Once I saw the color (Peacock Blue) , I thought it would be just the right punch of color for this bedroom set – especially since the headboard was already tufted in velvety blue fabric!

The main selling point to Farmhouse Paint is it’s one step process – as stated on their website – “The proprietary formulas consist of the highest grade low VOC components, which provides customers with a superior product delivering advanced bonding and durability while delivering a smooth silky easy to use “Single Step” process.”  

Translation – No Sanding before and No Clear Coat after you paint!

They also make a line of of what they call Metallic Shimmers, which I picked up at Main Street Antiques used to accent all three pieces.   Main Street Antiques is in the nearby Town of Summerville, so if you’re local you should definitely check it out!

The shimmer is really easy to apply.  Farmhouse has this great video tutorial on how to apply it.

Basically you brush on the the Metalize glaze (shown above) with a brush on the areas where you want the shimmer to be seen.  Wait about 10 – 15 minutes and once it’s tacky to the touch you can take the special metallic backed paper and place it on top of the sticky places and gently rub the metallic onto the piece with a bristle brush.

A few things I noticed when using shimmer:

  • It’s important to make sure you give the glaze time to get tacky or the metallic wont stick.  I used a wire brush that was really coarse but I think I would have achieved a more smooth look with a softer bristle brush like a nail brush.
  • The shimmer will stick on mostly any surface that has the glaze on it.  In addition to the raised areas on the piece I also used Shimmer  on the hardware for added sparkle!


  • Once the shimmer is applied it will not come off but the area may still feel tacky.  It should be completely dry and smooth to the touch by letting it dry overnight.

I used about 4 feet of shimmer paper for this project which was just enough to cover the small areas.  After I was done adding the shimmer; I just wiped the areas down with a smooth cloth for buffing.  No clear coat is needed over Farmhouse Paint (one step process remember!)

But I did use Fusion Tough Coat over the areas that were painted White for added protection and since the white areas were painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Casement  – It’s my definite go to when I’m painting furniture white –  which I’ll review in a future post!  🙂

I hope you found some helpful information on this post.  If you have any tidbits you want to share about using Farmhouse Paint – I’d love to hear them – just leave them in the comments below.

Until next time – Happy Creating!



Inspiration Anthropologie Style!

Inspiration is everywhere! This past weekend I decided to visit downtown Charleston with my daughter, Mackenzie; after being cooped up at home from being sick for a few days.  We usually spend our time walking up and down King Street just window shopping but one spot I always have to check out is the Anthropologie store.  

Can I say just stop here and say how lucky I feel to live only 25 minutes away from Downtown Charleston.  If you’ve never been to Charleston, SC I hope you’ll visit soon – it’s truly a beautiful city.

Every time I visit the Anthro store, I’m always inspired by the creative visual merchandising they use in their displays.  In fact the store manager explained to me that all the displays are done by an in house artist – she actually has her own studio in the back of the shop! Talk about dream job!!

Always a  feast for the senses – the store was filled  with artistic expression.

Anywho, there was so much to look at – beautiful textiles – decorating books – painted housewares – fun stationary and yummy smelling candles!

Notice how I didn’t mention clothes – I almost never look at the clothes – hmm – I guess I really am addicted to all things crafty and creative!  Oh well!…

I don’t usually buy anything (unless I feel like splurging!)  but I do always leave feeling like I’ve gained a ton of ideas for future projects!

Anywho, I was so excited to see that the store was decorated in a nautical theme because I already had a nautical inspired idea formulating in my head for my next project!

As we walked around, I could see nautical inspiration everywhere – there were paper seagulls hanging from the ceiling; large nautical tied ropes hanging on the wall and a chandelier made from what looked to be wood clothespins stained in an ombre sea of turquoise colors… think I see a repurposing project in my near future!!  

But for now back to the task at hand – my next project which is a wood square pedestal table.

There’s an interesting feature to this table in that the top flips down.  I’ve seen these kinds of tables before but I can’t tell you what the proper name is for them.  I just knew that since the top folded down; making it completely visible to one side, that I should do something interesting on the top.  

Since the top of this table was not so pretty, my first idea was to decoupage a map on top. Maps seem to be all the rage in home decor these days.  I normally don’t do trends when decorating my home but since this is actually a piece I’ll be selling – I thought it would be a wise move.

So off to work I go on this table – in my head I was thinking map – ocean – colors of the ocean – waves – world traveler – adventure!  So colors of sand and ocean – Turquoise Green & Mint & Grey – basically that was all I had on hand at the time so I figured just I’ll just make it work.

When I got the table it was already painted black – I knew I wanted to start over with the top so I sanded the paint off for a nice smooth surface.  I also lightly sanded the rest of the table which isn’t always necessary when using Chalk Paint but it did have a bit of sheen to the surface so I sanded for good measure.

I started with a light wash of light grey and then added two more layers of color; blending the mint and the turquoise green to make a new more ocean inspired color!  I started with thin layers and made sure to rub off some of the paint along the curved edges along the way for added dimension.  This technique is usually my ‘go to’ when I want a piece to have more of a washed or layered look and I’m not going for a perfect finish.

Here’s some pics of what I have done so far.

After I was satisfied with my layers – I felt like the piece still needed more dimension so I added some flecks of the turquoise green and mint in various spots.  It was fun getting my hands dirty – this piece is making me feel so artsy!  I don’t always get that feeling when I’m painting furniture.  

The paint I used was nothing fancy – just some leftover chalk style paint from my local craft store. What I love about working with chalk style paint is that it’s so easy to work with and blend when you wet it – so long as you don’t let it dry for too long – you should be able to easily distress a piece by rubbing with a wet rag – no sanding needed!

Right now the most challenging part is finishing the top – map – no map – stencil??…I’m sure I’ll figure it out after hit the Pinterest for some more inspiration!

This will be just one of the pieces that I’ll have at my booth for the upcoming Vintage Market Days event April 7 – 9th.  Most of the projects I do from here on out will be for the show but that’s a whole other ball of wax!

I just hope the rest of this project is smooth sailing – Ha!  Pun intended!!

Til next time – Happy Creating!


A New Year Means New Changes!

Welcome and Happy 2017!!  It’s a New Year and with that comes lots of New Changes for Mixed Charm!  If you tried to visit our shop recently; you have discovered that we have decided to close our retail space (Oh No!)  but that doesn’t mean we’ve gone ‘out of business’ (Yay!).  In fact, we are all about business and that’s the business of focusing our efforts on creating more awesomeness!  What is this ‘awesomeness’ you may ask – well that’s for us to know and for you to find out – but TRUST that we are working hard to create an online space that is informative, inviting as well fun and engaging.  

This past year and half we have been blessed to meet and help so many wonderful people with their decorating and design dilemmas by creating one-of-a-kind custom furniture pieces and adding a little custom flair to their spaces.  Through that experience, we’ve learned so much about what we’re really passionate about and so here we are closing one chapter in our business so that we can begin a new one!

We want to thank everyone who has supported our business throughout our journey and we hope that you’ll stick around to go on this new journey with us.  While you can no longer find us on Trolley Rd. in Summerville, you can still find us right here online!  So bring us your drab let us help make it fab!  Contact us on Facebook or Contact Me via email and let’s get started!  For a sample of our work, check our our Project Gallery.